Budgie Eyrie

This eyrie is the perfect place to set down, put your claws up and to rest your little wings a while. From here you can get a good overview of what is happening in 'The Budgie Files' world.

About Us

Rex and Karen are keen photographers based in Cromwell, Central Otago - high, dry country in the inland lower part of New Zealand's South Island. While we are happy to point our cameras at most things, we have had some great experiences finding unexpected birds in our area, so this has been our motive for creating 'The Budgie Files'. It is an opportunity for us to showcase some of our pictures.

About Budgies

While wandering overseas in the USA and Australia, Rex observed many birds he was unfamiliar with. Until he had identified them, it was easier just to refer to them all as budgies. On his return to New Zealand friends picked up on this habit while out hawk hunting with cameras. Hearing a hasty 'Budgie at 3 O'clock' is still good for an adrenalin rush.

About The Website

Use the Budgie Finder page to locate a budgie by its habitat. We do not try to record every bird species in New Zealand - just the budgies that get in front of our camera lenses. For details about birdlife a quick search on the Internet will reveal many sources you can refer to, though the NZ Birds website would be a good place to start.

If you like any of our pictures we are happy to discuss sales options of high quality images. Our charging rates are based on those of a NZ stock-photo website - unless you come up with a more interesting alternative.

The website was created by Rex and is copyright - see the Copyright and Privacy link in the page footer.

Enjoy our website.