Rex's USA Diary

Kiwis at Play

Seven hours rapid driving (... if you have read about Old Salem, this may seem familiar) in a south-west direction from Baltimore/Washington, is Tanglewood, North Carolina. The main event was an annual Kiwi night hosted by the local tennis pro at Tanglewood. We came along to support the event.

Tanglewood was an estate in the country a few miles from Winston-Salem. Its owner left it to the county and it has become a public park. It has horse riding, a lake, tennis courts and picnic facilities. The manor house (below) is now a restaurant and while we were there it was in use for a wedding reception.

Manor House

Other buildings have been converted to different uses. What appears to have been a staff house is now an office for a block of motel-style accommodation (for wedding groups and wandering Kiwis).

Motel Accommodation

Also in the grounds is a Baldwin Southern steam engine. I don't think there is a railway line through the grounds, but I suppose every public park needs either an engine or an old cannon of some sort. Its the rules you know.

Baldwin steam engine

Later in the afternoon the sun got over the yardarm, so preparations were made to ensure that no one overheated. Ryan was in the process of a re-supply operation when Bryan decided he should pose for posterity. As you can see, Ryan is very pleased about Bryan's cheeky cheek and is about to accidentally plant a slab of Heineken on Bryan's hand.

A cheeky pose

The melodrama over, Ryan, Petra and Shirley demonstrate their different blob-out techniques.

Very cool poses

Other folk chose to get in some exercise!

And so to the main event for the evening. The Kiwi-night folks gathered in a facility known as The Red Barn where we again socialised then buffet'd, then socialised some more. Very social.

Socialising in the barn

We were fortunate to have the Kahurangi Maori Group along to entertain us and they provided a great show of whirling poi, stabbing sticks, protruding tongues and popping eyes. They are based at Niagara and commute to wherever they are asked to perform. In this case they had to drive for 12 hours to get here.

Kahurangi dance group

The next morning we had a slowish start and eventually Rob, Bryan and myself were invaded by Shirley, Paul and Karen who had discovered we were the only folk to bring a kettle and their tongues were hanging out for a cup of tea. Hence the impromptu Kiwi tea party. Here Shirl keeps Bryan's toes from moving and Paul demonstrates where he stores his wealth.

A Kiwi tea party

Next on the day's agenda was breakfast. Someone said 'waffles' so we all immediately started drooling. A terrible sight. A quick change (2 hours later) and we zoomed up the road to a Waffle House where we all indulged in very healthy breakfasts (plus maple syrup). Below, Shirley, Karen and Paul get stuck in.

The waffle challenge

Here is a connection to the Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre group.