Dannevirke - Easter 2001

Wellington Railway Station

Napier Express

Kapiti Island

Manawatu Gorge

Manawatu Gorge

Manawatu Gorge




Big D River

Norsewood Troll

Wellington at Night
During Easter 2001 I hopped on TraNZRail's Bay Express on Sunday (1-2) and traveled through to Dannevirke. I was collected from the station by my friends John and Clare and we were hosted by Clare's parents, Bob and Nancy.

I had recently taken ownership of a Sony DSC-P1 camera, so was trying it out during the train journey and over the weekend. As you can see, I started my journey at Wellington railway station and had a brilliantly fine day on the way north. Kapiti Island (3) and the Manawatu Gorge (4-6) were very scenic.

On Sunday we went exploring and ended up taking coffee at the Cafe beyond the Balance Bridge (8) - a real gem of a place. It is across the Balance Bridge at the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge. Go there! Old memorabilia such as the cart wheels (09) were all around the place.

On Easter Monday Bob and I went for a cruise around the Big D (Dannevirke) and I snapped this scene (10) of the Manawatu River behind the town. Later we all hopped in the car and went to Norsewood to commune with the trolls. We found a lady having trouble with her door lock so gave her a hand with that, found a troll (11) in a nearby garden, then bought tuatara socks (seconds) at the Norsewear Mill. A great day.

I got back on the train about 4.15 PM and it was dark when we reached Wellington - but still calm and peaceful (12). An enjoyable break.

15-16 April 2001

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